Meet our new editors and editorial board members

Çetin Önder, who has been serving as the organizational behavior area editor to our journal since it was founded, passes the torch to Gökhan Karagonlar and take part in Editorial Board. Many thanks to Çetin Önder for his contributions up to now, and to Gökhan Karagonlar for joining us so as to share our burden.

We also welcome the new members of our editorial board; Bahattin Karademir of Cukurova University, Bige Aşkun of Marmara University, Birgül Arslan of Koc University, Eyüp Aygün Tayşir of Marmara University, Sait Gürbüz of Social Sciences University of Ankara, and Tülay İlhan Nas of Karadeniz Technical University and express our thanks to them for their support.