Dear Author(s),

please consider the following corrections while writing your full paper before submission. 

Best Wishes,

Editorial Team


  • Title should reflect the relation of your paper to entrepreneurship and innovation. 
  • Write the objective and originality of your work in the "Introduction" section.
  • You must present the organization of your paper in the last paragraph of "Introduction" section.
  • Give the related references which you used within the text and in the References List.
  • All references mentioned in the Reference List are cited in the text.
  • Write your limitations and suggestions for future research in "Conclusion" section.
  • For your full paper, use the JEIM "Sample Articles" template given on the below. 
  • Manuscript has been "spell checked" and "grammar checked".
  • JEL classifications need to be provided.  

Sample Articles for publication:     English  -  Turkish

You can download "Before Submission" document.