5 (1), 2016


From Editor
Caleb M. Adelowo & Olawale R. Olaopa
Policy Direction for Effective Interaction and Linkages among the Elements of Nigeria’s National Innovation System

Mustafa Yurttadur, Ekrem Süzen & Hasan Karaağaç
Contribution to the Organization of the Corporate Social Responsibility Practices: The Case Study of PTT

Mustafa Daskin
Investigating the Influential Factors on Small and Medium-Sized Hospitality Entrepreneurs at the Start-Up Process: A Preliminary Study from Ipoh/Malaysia

Emir Özeren & Ömür Yaşar Saatçioğlu
Innovation in Social Entrepreneurship: The Role of Managing Differences

Arif Selim Eren
Identification of Entrepreneurship Specifications of Young Entrepreneurs in Kahramanmaraş: A Research on Kahramanmaraş Sütçü İmam University Students