Editorial Policy

Main principles concerning the editorial policy of the journal are as follows:


1.    The language of manuscripts which are sent to the Journal should be in English or Turkish.

2.    English abstracts of the manuscripts written in Turkish should also be published.

3.    Manuscripts submitted to the Journal should not have been published or submitted for publication elsewhere.

4.    The journal will be published two times a year.

5.    A consultancy and refereeing board consisting of notable academicians who are specialists in their field has been established in accordance with the purpose of the journal.

6.    Editor will be responsible for the execution of scientific processes of the journal.

7.    Publisher will be responsible for the design of the cover and inner pages, publishing, subscription processes and sales and distribution processes of the journal.

8.    Level of contribution of the manuscripts, which are sent to the journal, to the specialty field of the journal will be questioned at the outset. In this respect, manuscripts that are cognitively and theoretically inadequate will be returned to the author or authors by submitting a reason after conferring on the editor and, when necessary, one or two members of the consultancy board without applying refereeing process.

9.    Qualitative and quantitative applications will be treated equally in field researches. At this point, it will be considered whether application and analysis methods are in conformity with the methodological infrastructure and the subject; they are used properly and pertinently and they actually contribute to the relevant field.

10. Manuscripts sent to the journal will be submitted to three referees in relation with the topics of the manuscripts after the examination of the editor and, when necessary, conferring on one or two members of the consultancy board. Evaluation of the manuscripts will be concluded according to the results of the reviews of the referees.

11. Publisher will be responsible for the delivery of the journal issues to the central libraries of the universities in Turkey.

12. Editor and publisher may decide on thematic publishing of some issues in case they consider it necessary.

13. Journal management will complete the processes of membership to TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Council of Turkey) ULAKBIM (Turkish Academic Network and Information Center) Social Sciences Database by the end of the required period (Regular publishing of the journal in this two-year period is required at present).

14. Steps will be taken for English abstracts of the manuscripts published in the journal to be searched in the relevant international indexes in the medium term.

15. Publishing the manuscripts in full texts in international indexes may be realized in the long term and depending on the demand to arise.

16. Editor and publisher may decide to carry out seminars, symposiums and panel organizations relevant to the scope of the journal.